Tylona Cattery  CFA Grand Champion National and Regional Winning Lines.

Tylona Cattery was established in 1981 with the addition of our first pedigreed cat, a Russian Blue.  We began showing in that same year. 

Tylona Cattery takes every possible precaution in selecting breeding stock, providing a clean cattery environment, good nutrition, and excellent veterinary care for our Russian Blues. Because of this, we are able to include a limited health warranty with each kitten we place.

Kittens are socialized by their moms, by us and by visits from our people grandchildren. Before they leave our care they have had their full upper respiratory immunization and are neutered or spayed. They will also be microchipped.


Russian Blue

Russian Blues come in only one color.  The fur is thick and dense with the ends of the fur shaft being tipped with a lighter almost silver color. Vivid green eyes are called out by the standard.  The result is a very elegant looking cat who is very affectionate and loving.

More detailed information on the breed can be found at the Russian Blue Fanciers web site.  It contains more photos and links to other Russian Blue related sites.    




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